Becoming a member provides you with 24/7 access to our tools and workspace outside of public training, workshops, and classes.

As a member you also have a voice in how the organization is run.

Your membership dues directly fund our non-profit mission and allow us to do even bigger things for our community.

Members are also allowed to hold events, use the space for meetings and even have guests over. Please note, guests must sign liability waivers and may not use tools. For more information please see the Guests section of our Rules & Policies.

Sign- Up Process

  1. Attend a weekly Thursday night “Open Make” to take a tour of the space
  2. Fill out a Membership Application and hand it off to an officer
  3. Have ideas, and get involved!

Membership Details

  • The cost of membership is $50 per month for individuals.
  • Discount membership of $25 per month is available for students and retired individuals.
  • Family memberships are $75 per month.
  • Dues are automatically recurring monthly on the date you start payment.

Existing members are “grandfathered” on the rate schedule that existed when they joined unless a lapse of 1 month occurs, at which time the current rate schedule will apply.

Membership Rules & Expectations

All members are required to maintain a clean and safe environment at all times. We are an all volunteer organization, so please be kind to other members and return tools/materials to their proper places.

In addition to keeping from leaving a mess with our own work, members are also expected to maintain and improve the space in whatever ways they can. This might be as simple as sweeping a large area, or taking out the trash. Or it might be rebuilding some material storage system to keep things organized.

Everything that gets done here is done by a volunteer. So it’s critical that members also take some time to make the space better when they can.

Please see the Rules & Policies page for more information.